Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Back

2014 is a big year for the California Anaheim Mission...we now have IPads!
We were selected as one of thirty missions world wide to put them to work.
Elder Wade was in charge of this project for our mission.
This is the initial training for the MD'S
(Mobile Device Specialists)

This is serious business.
More IPad training. Elder Wade was in charge of training 220
missionaries how to use an IPad in only two weeks.  It was an amazing effort.

Not only do we have MD'S, we have back-up MD's
Here we have Elder Tollefson and Sister Aholeilei

Wait a minute...what's this Elder Wade doing here?
He's not part of the Anaheim Mission!

Saying good bye to two of our very favorites (I know, we say that all the time.)
Elder Barnes and Elder Ollerton

Elder Wade's body guards.  Gotta love our Tongan Elders.

Sister Bowen, Sister Moyes, and Sister Collett
Top secret mission stuff.
The best part of serving from home is still spending time with family.  Sonna and kids came
to celebrate Ruthie's birthday and it was such a treat.
Freshly bathed Luke enjoying a muffin.

Reggie and his favorite carrot bat.

Luke loved playing at the ocean.  

Reggie too!

But Reggie did not love sitting between the ladies at Knott's Berry Farm.

Luke was a much better sport about it, but then he's a good sport about everything.

Reggie, Sonna and Ruthie.

And another favorite heading home...Elder Prieto.  Far left is Elder Gallego, far right is Elder Curtis.  
We have a mission cat...we call him Moroni.  

We took Sister Meza and Sister Toronto out to lunch for Sister Toronto's birthday.
We love this sister.  She feels like family.

Couldn't have a blog post without our AP's.
Elder Weymouth and Elder Morin.
Cream of the crop.

Each month I ask one of the missionaries to be in charge of the bulletin board.  February was Sister Pendleton's turn.
Because of the new emphasis on Facebook, she designed the Savior's Facebook page.
Our mission has had eight Facebook baptisms:
#1 Japan
#2 Hawaii
#3, 4 & 5 Local
#5 & #7 Croatia
#8 Local 

Through the internet, wee currently have missionaries teaching in Africa, Japan, Korea, India, Vietnam,
Canada and all over the USA,
And we're just getting started.

We love our mission, but some days it can be a little crazy.
Most of all, we love the Lord and we love the missionaries. 
We are so very grateful for this opportunity to serve and for the message of the
restored gospel of Jesus Christ that is filling the earth.

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  1. Great post Mom, especially the scary picture at the end!