Sunday, January 19, 2014

In November we said good bye to an extraordinary missionary Elder Wadsworth.  He served as one of the Assistants to the President and did a superb job.  He was always calm and kind, even when there was chaos brewing.  

We had a few days off for Thanksgiving so headed to Henderson to spend
time with precious children and grand children, and to feast on Sonna's amazing cooking.

Ruthie, Riley and Reggie enjoying the feast.  They were each given a future missionary name tag to remind them of the important work they will do some day.

Tyler's dog, Baron hoping for a turkey leg.
After dinner we headed to the part for grueling game of kick ball.

Sister Wade with grand daughter Ruthie.
Walking home from the park.  It was such a perfect day!
Also said good bye to Sister Haffen. She was with us in Anaheim for several months
waiting for her visa.  It finally arrived and she headed off to Argentina.

The Christmas season brings with it mountains of packages for the missionaries.
Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, this was a normal day's delivery.
Sister Butterfield, Elder Rogers, and Elder Hyatt sorting it all out.

Elder Walker departed just before Christmas, but not before celebrating his birthday. Elder Colbert, one of his old companions baked him a cake just they way he likes it...without frosting. 

The official cake cutter.

Elder Sorenson, Walker and Colbert.

Below are Karin and Marty helping us put together Christmas gift bags. Many of our missionaries are far away from home here money is tight and shipping is expensive.  We knew they wouldn't be getting anything for Christmas, so these dear friends came to the rescue.  
During the holidays we worked at the Creche Exhibit put on by the Orange Stake.
It was an elegant event and the nativities were amazing.
For some silly reason, this is the only one we took a picture of.  The Moose Nativity.  

One of the joys of Christmas by the ocean.  Santa made out of sand.

One of the duties of being a missionary is helping investigators break some bad habits so they can get baptized.
Good work Elder Wade!
Half of the Anaheim California Missionaries at their Christmas Zone Conference.

Elder Morin is a giant missionary...both spiritually and physically.
We love that he's humble enough to pick up the feather duster and help out around the office.

His companion, Elder Hansen.  Together we call them the Twin Towers.  Armed with the
gospel and a feather duster, they are forces to be reckoned with.

Elder Stowers is modeling a suit that once belonged to Tynce Homer's deceased husband.
By divine intervention, it made its way to him and fits like a glove.  God really is
in the details.  Even the details of getting a new suit for a humble missionary who really appreciated it.

Christmas Eve dinner with Elder Wade's family.
Conda, Bekah, Jesse, Sister and Elder Wade

Conda and Bekah

We love being missionaries and are so very thankful for the opportunity to serve. 

Happy Birthday Elder Wade!  You are dearly loved, especially by your daughter, Savannah.
Some of the new friends we've made while serving a mission.  In the left corner is Bob, a decorated Korean War Vet. He and his wife, Karin, (who is taking the photo) teach our Gospel Principles Class and basically serve wherever and whenever needed. Across from Bob is Alex, a homeless boy from Germany whom Karin is helping get back to his family. Then there is our favorite investigator, Marty, and her good friends, Missy and Brad.  We were celebrating Ken and Missy's birthday and had such a great time.  So blessed to know these fine people and to bask in their goodness.

Marty, Alex, Missy and Brad.

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  1. Love the feather dusters! Only you could get those missionaries dusting mom, only you. Great post :)