Monday, November 3, 2014

Mission Accomplished

As we come to the close of our mission, there are many things         we're going to miss, and a few things we won't...
We will miss the missionaries hanging around the mission office.
They are by far the best part of serving a mission.
We will miss Bishop Sundberg from the Tustin Meadows Ward.
This fine bishop is everything a bishop should be.

Ken will not miss having to deal with missionary's traffic violations.
Because the church does not want missionaries showing up at court with their
name tags on, Ken became the ticket master.
We will miss Elder Lomu. He is our favorite miracle missionary and has shown us
how the gospel of Jesus Christ changes people, as we have watched it change him.
We are still trying to decide if we will miss naughty
missionaries who do their very best annoy us.
We will miss all of the wonderful children in the Tustin Meadows Ward.
(This little guy was my favorite.)
We will not miss the commute or the traffic. 

We will miss Elder Leon.
(Another miracle missionary, but his change took place before his mission.) 

Not sure if we will or won't miss missionaries taking selfies with our cell phones.
(But since we love these two so much, we will probably miss even that.)
Transfers are such a crazy time at the mission office! There are so many missionaries coming and going, and then we have to say goodbye to the departing ones...but then we get to say hello to the new ones. Its a will and won't miss.

We will definitely miss Sister Grant, Elder Komura, Elder Anderson, and Sister Montgomery.
(They were the real missionaries in the Tustin Meadows Ward.)
Going to miss these three more than words can say...Sister Dono, Sister Collins, and Sister Rowe.
We came on board and wrapped up at the same time. 
Sister Whitney...she always made us smile.
Brad Love...another miracle of the mission.
Going away party at Rubios.
Brad & Marty (Couldn't have a blog without her.)
Sister Grant. xoxoxo
So grateful for all the love and goodness we experienced on our mission. A special shout out to Karin Rogers (second on left). She was always standing by to take professional photos and serve in any way she of the most generous and tender hearted people I have ever met. 
How will we survive not hanging out with the likes of these?
We will miss them all!
On a side note, once our replacements arrived and before our mission ended,
we headed to Park City for a family reunion.
(I was trying to limbo under the gate and failed.)

With all the fall family birthdays, my family put together a surprise birthday party for Luke, Aja, and me. Sonna made these amazing pinatas' and filled them with things each of us loved.
Luke's was full of assorted candy, Aja's was full of red licorice,
and mine was full of floss, tooth paste, and tooth brushes. 
The triple suprise birthday party was also a Halloween costume party.
Here we are all dressed up and no place to go.
Back row: Jonah, Poem, Ana, Camden, Ken, Sloan, Sonna, Ruthie, Hawkin, Tyler, and Jerica
Front row: Max, Elsie, Aja, Ezra, Luvy, Luke, Reggie, and Riley

Mission Accomplished! 
We will miss wearing our name tags. There is something about them that helps you remember
who you are and what you stand for.

Serving our mission has blessed our lives beyond measure.
We are so very grateful for the opportunity that the Lord has provided for us to serve, and so
thankful that we get to be companions for ever and always.

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  1. Great Blog! We need to put this all into a coffee table book!

    So bittersweet to see all those great missionaries you got to work with. And I'm so sad for the mission to not have you anymore, but glad for you both to have a rest too.

    Nice pinata photo! I didn't get a good photo of them, so I'm glad you did.