Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Part Two........

We have been missionaries for just over two months and are loving it! After returning from the MTC, it took a week or two to get our heads wrapped around our jobs, but we feel settled in now and all is well.  Our Mission President and his wife are wonderful.  One of the Sisters made a remark that perfectly describes what its like to be led by this fine man.  She said, "It is impossible to leave an interview with President Bowen without believing in God".  The missionaries all love him and he has done amazing things to make the Anaheim Mission a place where love is the motivating force behind the work.  We feel privileged to be serving here and especially love the young men and women that we work and serve.

May 30, 2013...Baptism of Sid Sambrano in the Palmyra Ward.
These are the Elders we serve with in this ward...
Elder Clark and Elder Rast

Sister Missionaries are the best!

Elder Mitts

Sister Wade doing her job.  She is the queen of the files and she guards them with her life.
She is handing one over to the Car Czar, Elder Butterfield.

Ali Darwish was baptized on June 2, 2013.  He is from Lebanon and was raised Muslim.  He is here in California studying medicine and is brilliant.  At his baptism he bore his testimony of how the Spirit witnessed that the church and the Book of Mormon are true, and it was eloquent and perfect.  The entire service was a spiritual feast.  We were sitting beside Sister Bowen and after the closing prayer she looked at us and said, "Sometimes the Spirit is so strong you just want to go home and go to bed" Ali has an eidetic memory and has already read Jesus the Christ, the Book of Mormon, and several other intense books.  On Ali's right is our Mission President, Brad C Bowen, and the others are our three AP's...Elder Hartt, Elder Larsen, and Elder Atiga.  This ward is on fire with missionary work and has had twenty-two baptisms this year.

It could be because they serve such
incredible treats afterwards.

Hanging out with the truck Elders.  Most of the time
Elder Bode and Elder Hollowell
are wearing work clothes, but today they are
looking like the real deal. (Those are not his glasses!)

Elder Wade looking very dapper at his desk.  

ZL's, Elder Hawkins and Elder Poffinburger.  

It must have been purple tie day...well except for the Elder on the right.
Elder Cobb is second from the right.  He is a visa waiter (which means he is hanging out in our mission until his visa for Argentina comes through) and every time he comes in the office,
he makes us laugh so hard our faces hurt.


ZL's, Elder Monson and Elder Wardle doing their sitting abb exercises.
The best part of our day is associating with 250 great and noble spirits
like these willingly serving the Lord and sharing his gospel.


  1. Love it!!! What great stories! You guys are awesome - I bet the elders get in trouble for wanting to stay and hang out with you too much! Love you!

  2. Yay! Post more!

    Where are the photos of Sister Wade?!